– Beautifully Brutal Life –

This is the beautifully brutal zone where you’ll find:

✓ Peeks at my #JustANewEnglandGirl and #BeingMimi life.

✓ Exclusive peeks at what’s #ComingSoon.

✓ Raw snippets of what’s in production.

✓ And character interviews because…why the hell not?

Guess What We Did…

Have you all met my best friend, April Canavan? She swooped into my life at a time when I was miserable in a toxic business relationship/friendship with someone who definitely wasn't my friend, and showed me what a real friend is. We've been inseparable ever since....

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It’s Coming…and so is Mabel Lee

This book is near and dear to my heart y’all. Wanna know why??? It’s based on real life events *insert sly grin here* No, I’m not kidding...and no, I wasn’t Mabel Lee. I wasn’t that innocent 😉 My childhood best friend and I grew up just 40 minutes from the Canadian...

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