Grand Slam

I can’t walk away from her… or her obsession.

Hell, I can’t figure out why I even care.
I’ve never had trouble keeping my distance… until her.
Every move she makes is like an intricate puzzle piece falling into place.
All I need to do is check the boxes, sign the paperwork, and get the hell out of there.
That’s it.
Except that damn fool woman is hell bent on doing everything the hard way…
And I have a feeling.
She’s unyielding, controlling, and demanding in all things.
With a fire burning in her soul that demands my attention, I’m unable to look away from the blaze.
It’s just something about her, something buried deep that has to be at the heart of her obsession.
Sean Lowe is one damn puzzle I won’t be able to file away like last week’s paperwork.
And my instincts are never wrong.


The Series