Hip Whip

There’s more to me than the punk on four wheels.
I’m easy to dismiss as a rebel with my piercings, tattoos, and spiked hair.
But I’m also the one with the head for business.
Rough beginnings taught me to count on myself.
So I made sure I was ready to go it alone.
I graduated top of my class and earned my business degree.
I was happy growing businesses for others. Or so I thought.
Until I found my family on the flat track. My derby sisters.
And I became the one who won’t let them fail, their hip to whip so they can surge ahead.
The one they can count on for a boost when it’s their time to shine.
We’ve stumbled on an opportunity, an unexpected dream, one I know how to bring it to life.
At least I did, until Mack Henry showed up with his accusations dripping with derision.
I’m not perfect, but I’m not a liar or a cheat… and I’m definitely not a thief.
With Banked Track hanging in the balance, I’ll fight with everything I have.
And like so many times in my past, I’ll claw my way to victory.

I knew I shouldn’t have left my aunt alone.
She’s the strongest woman I’ve ever known, but she’s easy to fool.
I thought I did her a favor leaving town.
Making my mistakes at a distance where they couldn’t hurt her.
But leaving meant opening her doors to predators, waiting to take advantage.
And this derby team, they’re so much more clever than I could have imagined.
Convincing her to sell Banked Track was unbelievable enough, but convincing her to hold the mortgage?
Next level manipulation.
This was my fault.
I didn’t protect her from vultures looking to take advantage of a lonely, old woman.
But I’m here now and they won’t get Banked Track without a fight.
Eve McAllister thinks they have an ironclad contract.
But there’s nothing I won’t do to see it disintegrate into a pile of ashes at Eve’s roller skate covered feet.

The Series