Jam Line

I fight her behind the bar, but I love her on top of it…

Rory Turner may fight it, but I know she likes me.
She talks a big game, but I’d like to see her pit her talents against mine.
Anyone can serve up an IPA.
But to manipulate a drink just by the way you shake it?
Nah, that takes talent and hard work.
Plus, a little wrist action.
That’s what keeps the ladies squirming on their bar stools.
My adept wrist action is only the beginning of my skills.
And there’s only one woman I have any interest in sharing my moves with.
You know, once I take a jackhammer and crack the crust of that exterior of hers.
Tick. Tick. Tick.
Our time?
It’s coming.
And so will we…

The Series