Shielding Blair

Evan Brooks is a world away from life-shattering memories made during his time as a SEAL. No matter how hard he tries, despite the time and distance from his dark past, his failures find him, haunt him, stealing what happiness he manages to find. When he meets Blair, a loving woman with a huge heart, he’s drawn to the constant glow of happiness that she exudes. Terrified the shadows of the past will change her, he does the only thing he can and walks away. At least, he tried, until an arsonist rears his ugly head and sets his sights on Blair in a bid for revenge.

Blair Sullivan’s life has taught her all about loss with the death of her mother and dreams that hover just out of reach. So when Evan pulls turns broody and distant, she lets him go. Life is too short to chase a man so hell bent on getting away. She knows her worth and won’t settle less for a man that cherishes her. Making the best of the cards dealt, she settles in as a kindergarten teacher at Frederick Elementary indulging in her greatest love—children. 

Forced proximity to Blair in order to keep her safe brings the demons lurking in Evan’s past to the forefront where neither he, nor Blair can escape. When history repeats itself, can he get there in time to change the outcome?

The Series