Shielding Harlow

Dylan North, retired SEAL, finally found his stride after putting together the perfect team of private investigators and personal security agents available. His company, Fierce, allows him the ability to help civilians in precarious situations utilizing his SEAL skills, without having to traipse all over the globe for seemingly endless missions in hostile environments. Now, with no more excuses, he’s ready to devote effort to his personal life. At thirty-four, his parents and sister never fail to remind him that he’s lagging in the relationship and reproduction department. However, before he can figure out where to start with dating to find love rather than a roll in the hay, the woman he’s never managed to forget pops into his life, in desperate need of his help and harboring a secret so harsh it threatens to rock his world.

Harlow Cassidy gave up every dream she ever had to raise her daughter, Ashton. With years of hard work, she’s built a comfortable life for them both—until her brother’s criminal ways spill over into her world, threatening the security she’s built for her and her daughter. With time running out, she turns to the one man she can count on to do anything it takes to save her daughter, even if it means ripping open his heart.

Secrets are revealed as two hearts are torn apart by fifteen years of deception and a burning flame that never died. In the most crucial mission Dylan will ever face, can he trust Harlow to do what it takes to not only save what she holds dear, but mend a union denied by a misguided sense of duty as well?

The Series