Shielding Josie

Cole Hackett, retired SEAL, reluctant civilian has one desire—a life without complications. So when Josie McLean, unpredictable hellcat daughter of police chief McLean and freshly licensed PI keeps sniffing around his cases, he’s determined to steer clear. She has trouble written all over her and the last thing he needs is to babysit a woman hell bent on getting killed in the pursuit of glory.

Josie McLean spent two decades trying to gain a glimmer of attention from her father. Even a lucrative career as a private investigators isn’t enough to make him overlook the fact that she’d been born with the wrong parts. Despite his disinterest, she’s determined to be the best at her job, while keeping her butt on the straight and narrow to avoid his wrath. That is, until her case takes a life or death turn and everyone is a suspect.

Attitude and attraction collide when Cole and Josie’s cases intersect forcing them to band together to seek a dangerous enemy. When the mortal danger turns its sights on Josie, can both Josie and Cole step out from behind the shadows of the past and lean one another to find a killer before it’s too late?

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