Trusting Jake

Jake Kincaid is haunted by the memories of his mother’s violent death and his inability, as a young boy, to save her.

Destiny Pierce is facing a final showdown with her violent husband that could cost the ultimate price—her life.

With her estranged husband hell-bent on torture, Destiny battles fear and distrust to enlist Jake’s help in preparing her to go fist to fist with the monster she married, to save her own life. Tortured by the one woman Jake was powerless to save, he agrees to the impossible. He’ll teach Destiny to fight, and he’ll honor her wishes to not interfere despite everything screaming inside him to do just that.

With every passing hour witnessing Destiny’s strength and determination, the fractured puzzle pieces of their lives intertwine, creating a bond to stand the test of time. Their very future hangs in the balance, leaving him to hope and pray that although he can’t save her, he’s trained her well enough to save herself.

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