Trusting Lucas

Lucas Burke, former SEAL and current wanderer, keeps close company with the demons haunting him from a lifetime of death, despair, and decisions he can’t reconcile, specifically the role he played in keeping Chloe Crew captive over a year ago. Now working for her brother, he’s determined to keep his distance, but his heart and mind have rallied against his every good intention and decided she’s his to protect, even if that means protecting her from the monsters that haunt her from within.

Chloe Crew, former screwup, current work in progress, has one goal, to build a life where her kids can be happy and healthy. Determined to not repeat mistakes of the past, or let them determine her future, she’s sworn off men. The simple fact that the one man she wants is the man who helped hold her captive said everything there was to be said about her taste in the opposite sex. Now if she could just get it through to her heart.

Good intentions fly out the window as truths come to light and a mutual enemy takes aim. Fighting a sinister criminal hell-bent on destruction strains the boundaries Lucas and Chloe have built for themselves, proving maybe those boundaries have no place when it’s time to unite in their war against those set to destroy them once and for all.

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