Trusting Xavier

Xavier Thorne, former SEAL and chief of medicine at New Hope Hospital, buries his turbulent past safely where it could no longer touch him—until Jane Doe’s case resurrects the whispers and doubts haunting him, until his every moment is consumed with bringing her back from the brink of death, with the hope of getting answers that may just free them both from the demons of the past. 

Laramie Caine, reformed wild child, finally stumbles on danger she can’t handle, the fire hot enough that it almost costs her everything including her life. Her need to get well to return to the daughter she’s left behind ignites a furious will to live. The voice in the dark spurs her on, and when she wakes up and finds that voice is none other than the doctor who saved her, she’s tempted to be reckless just one more time, and gamble with a real shot at losing her heart.

The clock is ticking while the enemy lies in wait. As Laramie’s strength grows, the bond between doctor and patient evolves into a stunning bond capable of unthawing Xavier’s frozen heart. When the enemy draws near, Xavier must take a side in the war between taking life and saving it. The time is here where he must decide if he’s the SEAL to protect her or the man to put her back together after her final dance with the Devil, hoping there are enough pieces to stitch together one last time.

The Series