Devious Wingman

Well, if it isn’t Falcon Malone.
In the panty-dropping flesh.
My older brother’s best friend and subject of my every teenage fantasy.
My first love. And last.
My secret romance, if you could call three stolen kisses and a tear-stained journal loaded with unfulfilled fantasies a romance.
He taught me how to kiss.
Then he walked away.
I tried to keep him buried in the past, but he’s been in every kiss since.
Tethering me to unattainable dreams.
Well, he might have taught me how to kiss, but now I’m going to teach him how to f#@k.
I’ll tempt fate, tantalize Falcon, and resurrect a fierce hunger between the two of us.
And then I’ll be the one to walk away.

I left my best friend’s little sister Emory firmly planted in my past. Or so I’d thought.
Those pink girl-next-door lips of hers belonged in our sleepy hometown hundreds of miles away where I couldn’t reach them.
I’d taught her how to kiss.
Not how to kiss just anyone, but how to kiss me.
Then I’d left.
She deserved better than my tattered soul, lost and seeking redemption.
Now she’s here. All grown up. In my neighborhood. In my pub.
And the subject of my friend’s desire.
The first hard and fast rule to our bro code…when your friend sees what he wants, you do everything in your power to help him get it.
So, in her circle of friends full of calculating glances with lust-filled eyes, I’m there to charm the ladies while my man goes for the prize.
But not when the prize is Emory. He can have anyone else…but never her.
I’m his wingman… and I’m about to go rogue.


The Series