Ruin Me

What do you get when you bring a playboy football star with a tarnished reputation into this librarian’s reserved world?

A chance for him to fix the tattered life he has, by crashing into hers.

Ryker Christiansen lives on the edge of ruin.
His football contract is hanging by a thread.
Haunted by too many nights partying, and blatant evidence of his wild escapades.
There’s only one chance for him to save his @ss.
He’s got to preen for the media, and drive the Bookmobile.
That’s right.
He’s got to take orders from a librarian.
Prim and proper and determined to bring him down a notch.
Ryker has to keep it in his pants long enough to show her he’s changed.
Then and only then will he get to show her his world.
Teach her how to play his game.

In this battle of chaste versus wicked, Ryker doesn’t want to lose, but if he wins he’ll forfeit the only woman who sees through his game.

The Series