Shock Me

What do you get when you add a preacher’s daughter hijacked by her best friends and the most sought after stripper in the southwest?

One fateful night that changes everything.

After years of stripping, Kellen Savage’s nights on stage blend together, the faces all the same.
Until her.
When the prim and proper cross between school marm and 1950’s housewife sitting front and center gives him an unintended show of her own, he’s fascinated by the spectacle as she stubbornly tries to keep up with her fast friends.
He might just have to rethink his bachelor status.
Unfortunately, he has that pesky personal rule about bedding the clientele.
But, you know what they say about rules…

Every line they cross leads to the unavoidable collision between Kellen’s past and the future he wants with the only woman who’s made him crave more. 

The Series