Tallulah Heartbeat

Scars from the past haunt young widow Abigail Ames as she seeks healing for herself and her young son in Tallulah Cove. Two years after dipping her toes in the Tallulah sands, she’s finally celebrating all she’s accomplished toward building their secure new life. While she hopes to one day find a safe and stable man for a second chance at love, loss left her afraid of diving into the dating scene just yet. So, at first glance she never expects safe and stable might just be the silver fox with the wary gaze sitting on the barstool next to her after a defunct girls’ night out. She could park an RV in the age gap between them. But one glance at him with the shadows in his eyes and silver at his temples, and her body wakes up to the idea of a fling with the older man.

Ben Davenport isn’t a man accustomed to running away, but relocating to Tallulah Cove to open a second branch of his business provides a good way to escape his haunted past and lingering ghosts of his decades-old mistake all under the guise of good business. No longer believing in his own happily ever after, he’s surprised by a chance encounter with a pretty brunette and the yearning she awakens with the delivery of the single most intriguing line ever. Opposites may attract, but it doesn’t mean they’re bound for forever. Still, she’s intrigued him just enough to upgrade them to intimate strangers and see what happens next.

Their growing attraction seems unstoppable, until the past revisits like a sucker punch ready to take at aim at their happiness, clip their wings of freedom from their tortured pasts, and send them retreating into the familiarity of their painful memories?

The Series