Tallulah Nights

After burying two husbands, a man is not part of widow Kate LeBlanc’s vision for the second half of her life. Especially not the intriguing younger man with shadows in his eyes who charmingly crashes her trip down memory lane in the Tallulah Cove sand. The age gap between them alone would set the town talking about the pitiful older woman pathetically chasing after the younger man. A pro athlete to boot, it’s not like she had a chance in hell at holding onto a millionaire hottie like him. She didn’t need their laughter to tell her they were from vastly different worlds and better off remaining there. But what if she didn’t try to hang on forever and instead scratched that particular itch by tossing some hot fling treatment on this case of opposites attract?

Recovering from an injury that could threaten his major league shortstop career, Sebastian Macina adds blackmail to the string of bad luck. Thrust into the spotlight by a woman claiming he fathered her unborn baby while his career teeters on the brink is bad enough without bringing his character into question. With cameras and questions thrust in his face at every turn, he seeks refuge in Tallulah Cove to heal and to lay low until he can clear his name. But what he finds on the beaches of the cool Tallulah sands launches him from the frying pan into the fire when love at first sight grips him by the throat and propels him into a whirlwind of crazy love with an intriguing woman determined to have one foot out the door.

Despite her resolve to give up men and his desire to lay low, their love of verbal sparring and growing attraction propel them toward one another, consequences be damned.

The Series