Tallulah Trouble

Finally snagging leave from the military, Graziella Macina heads for Tallulah Cove to make sure her brother’s new love is good enough for him. What she didn’t expect was for her brother to take advantage of her protective nature by hijacking her good intentions and convincing her to dog sit for their new puppy. Hank is long on hijinks and short on manners. Within twenty-four hours of meeting the fur monster, Graziella enlists the help of local mobile vet/dog trainer to whip Hank into shape and make him hup, two, three, four like a good little soldier.

Isaac Cole is searching for peace and redemption in the eyes of his community after a messy divorce and rumors led him to lose the vet practice he’d built from the ground up. The last thing he needs is to train an adventurous dog with fierce spirit to perform like an emotionless soldier, even if it means spending more time with the sexiest, most exhilarating, yet most rigid woman he’s ever met. While Hank could use a few lessons, he’s not nearly the lost cause Graziella believes he is, and Isaac sets out to train Graziella in a few lessons of her own. He has two weeks to tame Hank’s free spirit and soften Graziella’s heart even as he fortifies his own so he doesn’t fall head over tail for a woman who intends to walk right back out of his life.

When opposites attract and turbulent feelings overrule all the risks, will Graziella teach this tortured hero to take risk it all for the one woman who’d never betray his cautious heart?

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