Enchanting Her Warlock

Sorcha Tierney craves adventure. Raised by straight-laced parents she dearly loves, but who can’t understand her addiction for heart-pounding adrenaline, she lives her life in defiance of everything they stand for, seeking the thrill of adventure and a sense of belonging. Her desperate need for a rush is what always lands her in trouble. She’s seen the back of a cruiser so many times, it was a wonder they didn’t hand her a Sharpie to autograph the door like the troublemaking superstar she’d become.

Castor Halloran lived by a rigid code of ethics instilled in him by his military parents. Those morals served him well in the police force as a decorated officer known for his innate ability to steer criminals straight. Well, most criminals. Sorcha Tierney, on the other hand, would be the death of him with her wild ways, lack of inhibition, and apparent death wish.

Secrets revealed force both Castor and Sorcha to compromise and forge a new path despite their hostile distrust and the simmering attraction they struggle to deny. Thrust into a reality that seems born of fairy tales, they scramble to prepare for the villain waiting to strike with a ferocity that threatens to abolish not only their powerful connection, but also their lives.

The Series