Enrapturing Her Warlock

As a highly sought-after publicist, Ashling Milligan has one priority: make her clients look like gold. A social media sensation and influencer since her first year in college, she has the smile, tenacity, and grace to draw the public eye and spin a story to her clients’ best advantage, leaving her with a celebrity waiting list twenty people long. The last thing she needs in her well-ordered world is a certain astronomically successful illusionist running amok and derailing her carefully laid foundation for success.

Illusionist Midas Coghlin continues to hunt the next challenge, something he’s done from the time he took off at a run on his one-year-old feet. A daredevil in his youth, a gifted manipulator, and a master of puzzles as an adult, he relishes upping the ante, something that’s become increasingly difficult to accomplish. So naturally, he’s turning his focus to getting a rise out of the single most unflappable professional in showbiz, Ashling Milligan.

When Ashling and Midas discover the ultimate puzzle woven into the tapestries of the generations that came before them, they dive headlong into the ultimate quest with the highest stakes. Their lives. With one foot in their comfortable pasts and the other in the life their ancestries call on them to live, they dally in their mutual attraction, each denying the powerful connection growing between them. That is, until the villain lying-in-wait forces them to bring that connection to light and test how it stands in the most epic of battles.

The Series