Have you all met my best friend, April Canavan?

She swooped into my life at a time when I was miserable in a toxic business relationship/friendship with someone who definitely wasn’t my friend, and showed me what a real friend is. We’ve been inseparable ever since.

She’s my friend, she’s my family, and now…she’s my partner in world domination.

Our worlds have collided and it’s going to be amazing!

We loved our experience meshing characters when we wrote Cocky Corporal and Devious Wingman. So, when we both ended up ass in chair, both writing our series starters at the same time, both set in fictional Maine towns/counties, hers in Birch County and mine in Galloway Bay, it only made sense to crossover again!

We finally have all the details and legalities worked out, but because of this extra hurdle, we did have to move our release dates just a bit.

 Balls to the Wall and False Start are coming to you on 2/16/21 in all their sassy, sexy, crossover glory!

Go ahead and preorder those hot bundles of goodness now!